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You have questions, I have answers

Do you travel?

Yes! Traveling to different places is one of the best parts of my job. Depending on where I will be traveling to, a travel fee may be incurred. Fill out the form under the contact tab and I will get back to you with a quote!

Do I need a trial?

I always recommend a trial for my brides or anyone who is getting their makeup done for a special event. A trial helps me understand just what kind of look you are going for and makes the day of run a lot smoother. During the trial we will look over photos of makeup that you like, we will discuss your skin type, anything that you like or dislike when it comes to makeup, and I will give my professional opinion of what I think will look great keeping all of your requests in mind. Before & after photos will be taken and I will write down everything we used and talked about so that on your special day we can create the same exact look that you loved.

Are lashes for me?

​Lashes make a huge difference in photos and really add that extra something to your look! There are all kinds of different lashes to suite you, whether you would like bold & dramatic or soft & natural.

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