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Meet Kaelyn

Hi! It's so nice to meet you and I'm glad you stopped by my page. I am a Makeup Artist in the Houston area. I've been active in the beauty world for 8+ years and started freelancing in 2014. I specialize in bridal and wedding makeup. I focus on creating natural, fresh & polished bridal looks. My artist approach and style comes from my belief of "enhancing what you already have".

I have a unique background as I come from the education world. I've learned valuable first hand experience on how to run a business & market my services. I make it a priority to build and maintain relationships with all of my clients. Excellent customer service and creating a memorable experience is my promise when brides book me for their wedding day. 

As an artist, I love making women feel good about themselves. What's unique about my approach is I always ask questions and listen first. I do this because my clients personal vision, needs and comfort are the utmost priority. 

While my specialty and core business is weddings, I do offer services for any special occasion you want to look your best for. 

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